Hair Dying

What is hair dying?
Hair dying is the application of chemicals or natural products to the hair.  Hair dying can be permanent, semi-permanent, demi-permanent and temporary. 

What is the procedure?
Hair dyes tend to involve the use of hydrogen peroxide and/or ammonia.  Hair dyes can be applied using a variety of techniques including the use of foils, a cap (where the hair is pulled through small holes in a rubber cap) and balayage where the dye is painted directly onto the hair.

What are the risks of having your hair dyed?
You or your hairdresser should always carry out a ‘patch test’. This involves testing the dye on a small patch of your skin at least 48 hours before dying your hair.  
Risks specific to hair dying include:

  • Allergic reaction and skin irritation
  • Itching, redness and a burning sensation (which can present itself hours or even days later)
  • Hair breakage (due to over exposure to the chemicals contained in the dyes)
  • Hair loss

If you have suffered with severe reactions as a result of hair dye, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. 

How much compensation am I likely to receive?
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