Laser Eye Surgery

What is laser-eye surgery?
Laser eye surgery is used to reduce a person’s dependency on the use of spectacles or contact lenses.

What is the procedure involved in undergoing laser eye-surgery?
Local anaesthetic eye drops are used prior to the surgery and a knife is then used to cut a flap in the cornea.  The flap is then folded back and a laser is pulsated to vaporise the problematic area.

What are the side effects of laser eye surgery?
Minor complications include dry eyes which can be temporary but uncomfortable nonetheless. 

More serious side effects of laser eye-surgery include:

  • Experiencing a glare or halo like affect when driving at night
  • A further rare but serious side effect is the alteration of the shape of the eye which can lead to instability
  • Severe loss of vision can occur in some instances.

If the ophthalmologist failed to warn you of the risks before going ahead with the procedure and you have experienced a worsening in the eye condition as a result of laser eye surgery you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

How much compensation am I likely to receive?
If you have suffered the adverse effects of laser eye surgery, find out how much compensation you could receive today by filling in our online claims calculator.

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