Semi-Permanent Make Up

What is semi-permanent make up?
Semi-permanent make-up is a form of cosmetic tattooing. Particles of coloured pigment are applied into the dermal layer of the skin.  The results can last between one to three years, depending on the choice of colour, age and skin type.

Semi-permanent make-up is used to enhance facial features and is a popular procedure for the enhancement of eyes, eyebrows and lips.

What is the procedure?
During the procedure, small amounts of coloured pigment will be implanted into the skin. The pigments are blended and applied into the skin with a fine needle, via a machine.  An anaesthetic cream may be applied to help minimise any pain.

Before the procedure, you should be offered a full consultation to make sure that you are suitable for semi-permanent make-up.

What can go wrong?
It is important to make sure that the beauty salon has staff that have been technically trained in the application of semi-permanent make-up.

Even if a new needle is used for each individual client, there is still a risk of cross-infection between clients from the machines used. The machines can be difficult to clean thoroughly and effectively which can give rise to a risk of pigment residue mixing with blood and body fluids.

Problems which can arise include:-

  • An allergic reaction to the dye
  • Your medical history may make you unsuitable for semi-permanent make-up
  • An unclean beauty salon with unsterilised equipment
  • Pain and extreme discomfort if the staff aren’t trained and skilled in the procedure
  • The result may not be what you asked for
  • Cross-infection between clients

How much compensation am I likely to receive?
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